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Pro Wrestler Coach


Zaac Seru AKA: gym owners, Pro-Wrestling Persona and DJ, Prolifik the Gifted.

Zaac Seru is a second-generation wrestler and the son of gym owners, Christina and John Seru (Vulcan).


Zaac has been wrestling since he was 10 years old and now works alongside his father, helping to train new students at VCW wrestling school and gym.

A formidable force in the professional wrestling world, Zaac carries on the family name and reputation as one of Australia's top wrestlers. With 19+ years of pro-wrestling under his belt, natural strength and pro-wrestling ability he is well placed to take his wrestling talent to the world.

He is the holder of VCW Tag team title with The Samoan Hercules -Hudson Hulk.


A multi-dimensional talent Zaac is experienced and sought- after music producer and DJ who's had companies such as Adidas use his beats in advertising campaigns.

He holds a Bachelor of Audio Engineering from SAE Institute Sydney and a Certificate in Graphic Design from The Design Centre Enmore TAFE

Zaac has many years of fitness training experience, originally learning correct techniques from his mum and dad as he trained along-side both of them from a very early age.

He went on to complete a Powerlifting Coaching Course with Powerlifting Australia Ltd in 2015 and continues his thirst for knowledge about all aspects of physical fitness training.

Zaac is also Sales Manager, in our family’s fitness retail business, Musclemania Fitness Megastore.



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