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20-MIN HIIT WORKOUTS THAT CUT BODY FAT BY 27% - (Fitness Equipment of the day)

Burn more calories.
Maximize muscle tone.
Get results in less time.
And reach your peak.

  • For all of those who wants to be fit, healthy and are willing to work out but due to time constraint, it seems difficult to manage work and workout together. Dw!! To get results and burn maximum amount of body fat this elliptical is built just for you!!!

  • Small in size and Horizon Peak Trainer engages the whole body to maximize muscle tone and burn more calories than other cardio platforms.

  • To get your body in shape for Summer, hop on to Horizon Peak Trainer and train for 20 mins everyday or 3 days in a week to see results.

Buy Horzion Peak Trainer at Musclemania Fitness Megastore, Menai or get it online at - *click on the link and you will be directed to the page*

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